Wattpad: New Journey

I’ve been struggling to gain traction on my patreon account. So, I reached out to one of the many facebook writing groups I joined and asked what I can do to improve my process. 

Her suggestion? Wattpad. 


I’ve been struggling to gain traction on my patreon account. So, I reached out to one of the many facebook writing groups I joined and asked what I can do to improve my process.

Her suggestion? Wattpad.

For those of you who don’t know, Wattpad is basically a free writing site. Authors create stories that people can read, comment on, and vote for. Think of it like a fan fiction site, only a lot of the material on there is original.

That’s not to say you can’t write fan fiction though.

Authors can build an audience there by providing free writing. It’s an opportunity for you to meet other writers, modify and improve your writing, find beta readers, enter contests, etc.

Some people do have qualms about writing for “free,” and I completely respect that. You work really hard on your book. Why should you just give it away?

The thing is, if you’re interested in Indie publishing, Wattpad seems like a great way to get people interested in what you do. You can post things on the site, and if you decide you want to publish it, you can always leave a teaser chapter up for people and take the rest off. Just make sure you warn your readers, otherwise they may feel a little misguided.

Also, Wattpad has plans to introduce Wattpad Future where authors can insert ads between their chapters, and that will provide them revenue. It’s still in the beta testing period right now, but I hope it gets opened up to everyone soon. What a great way to support a writer without having to drop a dime!

I’ve only been on the site for about a week, but I have about 33 followers, and I’ve posted two stories. It gives me the opportunity to write little tales running around in my head and get feedback. I also get to play around with covers (like the Gossamer one above).

Keep in mind, though, that you have to work towards getting a following. You not only have to post material, you have to interact with the readers and other writers as well. As I get more used to Wattpad, I’ll write informational blog posts about it for anyone who is interested. You can seriously find just about anything on the website, so if you’re looking for good stories to read, take a look!

And feel free to follow me here: https://www.wattpad.com/user/erincasey09

Happy reading!

Recent Publications

This has certainly been a fruitful week! I have a couple of publication announcements, as well as an update on Dragon Steal.

  • The Mighty: I just had my fourth story published on The Mighty. I’m an advocate for mental health, and I feel it’s important for us to share our stories so that people realize that they’re not alone. The more we talk about mental health/illness, the less of a stigma there will be. You can read my new article “The One Word That Helps Me Combat Self-Abuse” here. You’re welcome to check out my other articles here.
  • 600 Second Saga: On Wednesday, February 28th, my story “Gossamer” was published on 600 Second Saga. This site creates audio versions of short stories and shares them across multiple platforms. I wrote “Gossamer” originally at Pike’s Peak and edited it heavily to send to 600 Second Saga. You can listen to it here.
  • Purple Door District: I’ve uploaded the second chapter of The Purple Door District on patreon here. I haven’t had a lot of traction on patreon yet, but that’s okay. I really enjoy the story, and I’ve heard feedback from people who say that they want to read more. It’s nice to know my work is slowly getting out there. The next chapter will be released on March, 15th. It’ll take about a year for the entire book to get posted on patreon. Once complete, I’ll publish it and provide both e-book and paper copies for people to purchase.

I’m still waiting to hear news about Winter Tangerine. My story is currently still in process with them, so I hope that means that I’ve made it towards the top of the list.

As for Dragon Steal, I received feedback from two of my beta readers. I sat down and revised the history of the story. Now I just need to work on editing and adding that history in. I’ve decided to do Camp NaNo in April to focus on editing. Ideally, I’d like to have the second draft finished by the end of April, send it out to beta readers, and then get the query out before the end of the year. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to do all that!

There are still some short stories I’d like to write and send out to magazines. I just need to have the time to do it!

On Wednesday, March 7th at 2pm (CST), I’ll be presenting a live facebook discussion on a topic called, “I Wrote a Book. Now What?” This will be hosted through tribefinder. I hope you’ll take a listen! If possible, I’ll provide a link to the discussion once it’s complete.

Happy Writing!