Writing Update

Well, the last two months have been pretty fruitful! I wanted to give everyone a run down of what I’ve been working on, and what’s to come. 

Well, the last two months have been pretty fruitful! I wanted to give everyone a run down of what I’ve been working on, and what’s to come.

  • Dragon Steal: I edited my YA LGBT dragon book, and I’ve sent it off to two more beta readers. Once I have their feedback (hopefully by mid-June), I’ll edit it again, and send out a query letter. I have a couple agents who are interested in receiving a query letter from me, so that’s a good sign! For the month of May, I’ve participated in #LGBTWIP on Twitter, and I’ve received a lot of great feedback from folks. I can’t wait to get this book off the ground.
  • Publication: My short story Wings of Change found a home and was published on “The Write Launch” on May 1st. You can find the story here.  This superhero story was in the top running for another anthology, but unfortunately didn’t make the cut. “The Write Launch” was generous enough to publish it.


  • Awards: Two of my stories recently received awards on Wattpad. I wrote Spring’s Sorrow, a flash fiction piece, for an EquiSpring's Sorrow.jpgnox contest. We were asked to write about the battle between Spring and Winter in 500 words. I was one of the 3 winners. Yesterday, I learned that I received first place in a short story contest with my urban fantasy piece Coffee Chaos. This story focuses on a fae who works at a cof-
    fee shop and the daily shenanigans she has to deal with, including a magic-stealing bad guy.


  • Wattpad: I’m still writing a lot of stories on Wattpad. I have a regular one called Tears of Avalon, which is a sequel to my short story GossamerI have about 250 followers now, and I’m slowly joining more conversations/contests to see if I can get more people interested.
  • Patreon: I’m up to chapter 5 in The Purple Door District on my patreon account. I’m posting a new chapter every month on the 15th. If I can get a couple more folks to become patrons, I’ll have enough money to start my own website and mailing list! The first chapter is now available for free on Wattpad here.


Fathoms Below.jpg

  • Fathoms Below: I wrote a mermaid story for #mermonth that I’ve entered into another contest on Wattpad. I’m going to write a slightly longer version of this, which I will put in an anthology that we’re publishing through The Writers’ Rooms. I’m excited to share it with you all, and I hope I receive good feedback from the contest.
  • Radish: I’ve applied to become a writer on the Radish. It’s similar to Wattpad, but you get paid for your writing. I’m hoping The Purple Door District can find a home there as well.
  • Contests: I’ve entered a couple of writing contests for traditional publishing. I’m hoping to get a few more out before the month is over. I’ll be sure to let you all know what I find out!

Thanks again to everyone who is following me. Feel free to check out any of the pieces, or suggest fantasy/urban fantasy stories you would like to see from me!

Happy writing!


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